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I’ve always been fascinated by the demise of nice cars. This MGB GT would have been someone’s pride and joy at some point. It would have most likely been bought used in the UK, and shipped here to Trinidad.

Someone would have had great plans for this car, to go through all that trouble. Yet somewhere along the line, the dream faded. At some point, it got clothed in far too much filler, which in itself is an indication of how poorly someone looked after it.

And now it’s come to me, good only for spares to breathe life into another. To paraphrase Jeff Goldblum’s immortal character, ‘life...uh...finds a way’, so much so, that this GT will become a donor for both my other GT, plus a roadster.

When I acquired this car, I was just looking for a dashboard. The rest was just gravy. Now two other MGs will hopefully be back on the road, as this one sinks below the horizon. Still sad to know this beautiful shape will be relegated to the scrap yard dealer, maybe it’s nose mounted on a garage wall, it’s tail repurposed as a couch...either way, something gained, something sadly lost...

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  • It's very sad. I hate people who buy loads of classic cars and then leave them rotting in fields, forests and yards thinking they will restore them or use them one day. Usually they seem to be strange old men in their 70's-80's who do this.

      2 years ago
    • There are some remarkable classics here in Trinidad, most languishing in a shed or warehouse. Everything from an Aston Martin DB6 without an engine, to Lotus Esprits

        2 years ago
    • There are some in Britain as well.

        2 years ago