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I’ve always liked the spirit and the tradition of Lotus. The famous ‘simplify and add lightness’, however, might not be the case for the new Emira. This Lotus weighs over 1,400kg, which is more than it’s set rival, the Porsche 718, and the Alpine A110. So, is the new Emira just going to be a dim witted dreary car that would ruin Lotus’s legacy with their internal combustion engine? After all, this car marks the end of Lotus’s marriage with ICE.

No test drive were completed yet, but at least on paper this car seems promising. It would be offered with two types of engines: the V6 in the Evora, and the four cylinder in the Mercedes Amg A45! Lotus haven’t yet made an official figure for how strong each engine will be, but they claim a range from 360hp to 400hp. Even through my unsophisticated mind, I can guess that the V6 will deliver around 400hp and the four cylinder around 360hp. Only the V6 will have the ability to be paired with either the manual or the automatic. If you go for the V6 and you want an automatic, you’ll only be helping yourself with a torque converter. However, if you go for the four cylinder you will be getting the whole package from the Amg 45. The engine and the transmission. Being a Lotus, they haven’t lost their senses to forget about putting a hydraulic power steering rather than the numb electric.

The design of this car however, confuses me. It’s definitely a sports car, however, because most of it’s design element comes from Lotus’s hypercar, which is bigger, it looks more like a supercar. I’m not saying the looks are bad, don’t get me wrong. It looks like a teenager confused with their identity. Is it a sports car? Is it a supercar? Or is it even a grand tourer?

I think this car is a grand tourer, it’s got a fine interior and enough luggage space to store sufficient number of underwear to survive a journey through the continental europe. It’s even got double wishbone suspension that has been set to comfort rather than sport as standard, of course being a Lotus you can opt for a driver’s pack which would give you a harsher ride but I really don’t see the point in doing that.

To me, this is the first car from Lotus that I thought I can really daily it. But that’s the problem. It’s the same problem that I had with the Evora. Lotus’s shouldn’t be used for crossing continental europe. It should be used for thrashing down the back roads being one with the car. It’s boot should only be used to contain underwear’s for your trouser accident rather than the underwear that you only change because you’re civilised. But as a car, I think it’s bloody brilliant... and it’s £60,000 price tag makes it a bargain of the century. I want one.

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