I’ve been asked what happened to wrIte off the V70, so here it Is...
My Dashcam revealed that a Black BMW pulled out of shadow on the hard shoulder right in front of Red Merc in front of us. I had just looked at car in front, plenty of space, everyone IncludIng us, gradually braking, 50 limit, everyone around 40mph, dry sunny day, no sign of problems, at the exact wrong moment I glanced at overhead sign, checked rear mirror and side mirror and back to front (max 2 secs) as coming off M40 onto exit sliproad to M25 and realised car in front was stationary after emergency stop. Merc was lifted 4 feet into the air, we effectively impacted two vehicles by mass, plus our V70 was very heavily laden after 4 week Eurotrip.
Four weeks driving the Alps, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and France (through Paris too!), Car TraIns and Car FerrIes without a scratch and ten minutes on the M40/M25 did for the car... 😞

We were all ok, our little boy was well secured in 5 point harness seat in the centre for the trip, but is still having bad dreams, my fiancé had a harder time of it as she is still recovering from two full hip replacements and impact (and airbags) shook her up. Would you believe that a Husband/Wife Doctor Family were in a car ahead of incident and stopped to help and checked out them and others. Everyone at the scene helped each other and various services were all very prompt and efficient and kind, Policewoman gave my son a toy animal called Brave to distract and calm him. Our thanks goes out to The Doctor’s of course, Paramedics, Police, Highways and Recovery crews.



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