I've bought a ridiculous motorcycle for some reason yet to be determined.

Sometimes I just can not help myself. Recently I saw this Jawa Speedway for sale locally. I just had to have it. Zero idea what I will do with it.

7w ago

Speedway racing is not very popular in the USA, so I was shocked with this bike popped up for sale only a couple of hours from my house. I was drawn to the purity and simplicity of the bike. Built with one goal in mind, going fast on a dirt track.

In the USA we do have a fairly robust flat track racing community. Some run modern dirt bikes, others vintage Triumphs and XS650s. It has always looked like loads of fun.

The thing about speedway is that it just seems to be so much....what is the word....more? If flat track racing is akin to rally racing your daily driver WRX on the weekend, a speedway bike is a full Group B animal.

About 170 pounds and somewhere around 70 methanol burning horses make for a wild ride.

When I first made the deal I had in my head that this would be a hilarious toy to have in the garage. Something extremely different then the sport bikes that fill the garage now. Also a bike to just scare the wits out of me a could of times. Maybe something to do some casual ice racing over the otherwise boring winters.

While I am sorting out what I will do with this comically outrageous vehicle, I might as well to over it from top to bottom. Not really planning to do a restoration, but rather make sure everything is tight, working properly and ready to go. The bike has been in the back of a garage for about 20 decades, so it really could use a once over. After I have confirmed that it can run and move under its own power, I will evaluate future plans and uses.

Fairly excited to dive into this. The bike is super basic. Just a giant 500cc singe cylinder motor and a couple of wheels. There are literally no brakes. There is no transmission either.

First steps are to flush the tank, clean the carb, rebuild the magneto and inspect the engine.

This is going to be fun, I hope you guys enjoy the process.

If this was in your garage, what would you do with it? Would love to hear some ideas.

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  • Throw on some spiked tires and go nuts on frozen lakes! Muy Bueno!

      1 month ago