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38w ago

I'm not a guy that would usually indulge in some shamless self-promotion but I have been deciding to get this going big time. I want to introduce you to my new series, the Coilin Higgins VLOG!

Vlogging is something that it becoing incredibly popular in recent years so I thought, why not? And gave it a blast. I do get up to some crazy things and often I'm put out of my depth, so why not try record it and bring you along for the ride? You can either laugh at my antics or just laugh at the terrible construction of my vlogs Either's good!

Ovbiously with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic taking away our fun for now, I've just resorted to taking to the camera and sharing some of my stories. All going well next year though, I do have some good ideas and events and hopefully I'll get to bring you along and give you an insight to what goes into the articles I make!

Below I have shared my recent VLOG, the story I've countlessly told here on Drivetribe. The day of when I met F1 legend Daniel Ricciardo and how he, along with the lovely boys and girls here on DT, inspired me to start writing. It's quite long, but I hope you enjoy as I really go into detail about the weekend and how myself and the Honey Badger crossed paths.

Ovbiously, I am only starting this out so the vlogs themselves still need a lot of work, but I would be more than happy to listen to your feedback and take any ideas or advice you have for me on-board!

If you would like to you can subscribe to my channel also, where as well as the vlogs, I will be live-streaming each round of the SRL PS4 F1 championship every Saturday, starting this Saturday in Bahrain! Not only can you snigger at my rubbish attempts at vlogging, but you can also laugh at me crashing, getting in the way of and probably annoying other drivers as I attempt to actually do well in a sim-racing championship!

Enjoy the content and see you all soon!

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