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I’ve seen quite a bit of misinformation regarding the engines used in the MG XPower SV & SV-R. I am no expert , but I did buy 2 SV-Rs on the same day - the one shown in the middle of this photo plus a 1/1 scale model. :D

Anyway, the engines used in the SVs were Ford modular 4.6L 4 valve engines. The SV-R used the same engine, but modified by Sean Hyland to be 5.0L. These 5.0L engines produced around 400bhp. I have seen someone claim that left over engines were used in the MG ZT. This is not true, as they used the 2 valve 4.6L Ford modular engine. The only SVs that used the 2 valve engine were the 2 supercharged SV-Ss.

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