IXO 1:43 Lutteral Comahue SST

It takes a special kind of vehicle to make me break my no 1:43 scale rule...

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I am hopelessly in love. While window shopping online, looking at various diecast cars I stumbled upon this gem by IXO. The Lutteral Comahue SST. Simply remarkable.

Unless you are from Argentina, you are probably hardly aware of this car's existence. After a bit of online research I discovered that these cars were first introduced around 1968 and were based off the IKA (Industrias Kaiser Argentina) Renault Torino which was, at its core, an AMC Rambler American (AP bonus points right there). The Comahue was, essentially, a custom built-up version of limited production by Argentinian mastermind Juan Carlos Lutteral. The powerplant was the Jeep Tornado Straight Six!?1 (more AP bonus points) and there was a medley of custom options offered. My favorite being the custom split window rear hatch shown on this model <3

By the time 1977 had rolled around the car had evolved into the version you see in these pictures with bonkers forward-thinking customization like flip down headlight covers that activate automatically when it's dark, fully digital LED dashboard, half circle steering wheel, and many other options.

All of the design elements of this car are just so cool to me. It's quirky yet balanced. Daring but somewhat subdued. Since I likely will never venture to Argentina in my lifetime, I will gladly admire this IXO model on my shelf instead. This has easily rocketed into my top ten of favorite vehicles of all time.

For more information about the car itself there is a separate article here on DriveTribe by another author! Feel free to give it a read:


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  • Well i believe that is the very definition of "niche."

      1 month ago


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