August 8th to the 11th and over 70 car clubs assembled for the Japanese Auto Extravaganza. An annual festival showcasing some of the finest examples of Japanese automotive art.

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LudeGeneration parked up, a few Preludes yet to arrive so a CR-V temporarily flies the flag.

This year the Royal Norfolk Showground played host with live music, trade stands, competitions, cosplay, noodles and of course the Show & Shine.

To the exhibition hall - A perfectly lit backdrop for the cast of this years Show & Shine, from preserved and factory fresh to the bespoke build complete with huge power and flared arches.

Appropriately the show was sponsored by:


And featured the Full Throttle Performance VMAX200 winning Supra:

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I'm continuing in my attempts to create automotive montages, quick edits and walk rounds to try and take in the aesthetics of a car. Take this pink eyed Accord:


If the style isn't too jarring or headache inducing can I suggest you try the full fat version complete with trance soundtrack, the 2003 Push remix of Universal Nation. Two alternate soundtracks are available, though still retro EDM, (sorry, must be an age thing clinging to the tunes of my youth). And big apologies to the Supra on steroids that I completely missed.


I realise it's not pro or even semi pro, but it is enthusiastic and hopefully an enjoyable trip round Show & Shine.

Highlights from the cast

The Suzuki Swifts

The often overlooked and agile Swift.

Third and second generation Swifts.

The Nissan Primera

Nissan had a strong showing starting with this familiar family saloon.

Second generation Sunderland built Primera, and whilst I said family saloon it should be pointed out this example was bereft of the luxury of rear seating, opting instead for a roll cage.

The Nissan Pulsar

In the UK this would have been the Sunny.

This N14 series JDM GTi-R is quick, less than five and half seconds to sixty mph and bear in mind this from a car released in 1990.

The Nissan Skylines

From 1972 onward.

The Hakosuka - KPGC10, the first generation of Skyline.

To 1973 and the KPGC110 second generation GT-R.

The early seventies oil crisis saw many coupes culled and in tandem with stricter emission regulations the Kenmeri, (as it was know), was discontinued with less than 200 cars rolling off the production line.

After a long hiatus, now 1989 and Nissan bring back the Skyline - The third generation R32.

1993 now and Nissan move onto generation four, the R33.

1998 and the next generation arrives.

The fifth generation R34 with production lasting four years.

Pictured is a pristine V·Spec II Nür edition.

Still with Nissan and onto a Z car.

The Nissan 350Z

And sticking with Nissan for a bit longer.

The Nissan 200SX

Know as the s14 Silvia in Japan, the 240SX in the US and the 200SX in the UK.

The Nissan Micras

The Micra - Humble no more with these amazing creations.

The Nissan Presage

JDM 'buses' are always bolder than the Euro equivalent. The Presage lasted two generations from 1998-2009 and was exclusive to Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Time for Nissan to give way to another marque.

The Mazda MX-5s

The MX-5 first introduced in 1989 and celebrating 30 years with these immaculate third and first generations flying the flag.

The Mazda Cosmo

This last generation series JC ran from '96 to '99 and was Mazda's touring flagship car. It sold via the upmarket Eunos brand in Japan as the Eunos Cosmo.

The Mazda RX-7

It would be criminal not to include this particular Mazda.

The Mitsubishi Evos

Rather special examples of the EVO V and EVO IX, (think I got that right?)

Both examples far beyond OEM spec.

The Honda Accords

Look into the eyes, now count to 10...

Imagine you're behind the wheel...

And we're back.

Accord Tourers turn your head - Fact.

The Honda S-MX

The JDM S-MX is the little sibling to Honda's Stepwgn. In factory form a utilitarian functional vehicle.

Not so this Honda. So many unique touches and styling cues, arguably an S-MX in name only.

I failed to capture the interior, (very briefly in the video) - But, again - What was once a humble S-MX is transformed.

The Honda Integra

Championship white DC5 track weapon - This example complete with Titan throttle bodies, custom 3 inch exhaust, custom... (I'll stop myself there, the 'custom' list is endless).

Tucked engine bay showing off the K20a VTEC heart.

The Honda S660

Honda's brilliant kei car adorned with Liberty Walk body kit. It's as good to look at as drive, quite possibly the perfect drivers car.

The Honda Prelude

Fifth and final generation of Prelude - UKDM Motegi edition.

A twenty year old OEM example, apparently sponsored by Nintendo.

Finally a touch of Toyota.

The Toyota Trueno

An immaculate example of the AE86 forebear to the next car.

The Toyota GT86

Here with performance Airlift suspension.

The Ford/Toyota Escort

The Escort?

A Toyota powered mark one escort - The MR2 Turbo Escort.

Between the video and the photos I hope you've enjoyed this tribute to JAE's annual festival of Japanese automotive art.

It was a privilege for the Prelude to be amongst such stunning cars, a day to remember.

JAE will return in 2020, 13th to 16th of August - Check their website for more information.

And fade to black

Some final shots from LudeGeneration.

Thanks so much for reading, watching and scrolling through the pictures.



With thanks to the team behind JAE

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