Jaguar celebrates the launch of the new F-Type with epic Hot Wheels track

Keeps going on for 761ft!

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In an attempt to market their recently facelifted F-Type sportscar to a much wider audience, British carmaker Jaguar partnered with Hot Wheels. The collaboration saw the toy company build a 1:64 scale version of the sports car and then go crazy inside Jaguar’s facility.

A massive Hot Wheels track, measuring 761 feet (232 meters) long, was laid out throughout the factory. The track was built to go past its sketches of the new F-Type, over its life-size clay model, through the interiors of the car while eventually coming to a stop beside the actual vehicle.

In total, the rubberised circuit featured 25 loop-the-loops, three jumps and 44 tricky corners. Unlike the actual car, the die-cast model didn’t have either a straight-four or a V8. Hence, to keep the car pacing, the team deployed four kickers and 55 boosters on the track, enabling the tiny F-Type to hit scale speeds of up to 300 mph (483 km/h).

Jaguar Design Director Julian Thomson said, “As a designer and huge car enthusiast, Hot Wheels models have been a part of my life since childhood.

“We are used to creating models in clay but seeing such a finely-detailed 1:64-scale model of the new F-Type race around the studio, showcasing every stage in our design process, was a truly unique experience.”

That finely detailed 1:64-scale model of the new F-Type reflected all the updated changes. The new car comes with an aggressive front end featuring slimmer headlights and a more prominent grille. Minor updates to the front hood, front fender vents and tail lamp design rounds off the new look.

Like the exterior, even the interior carries over the same design layout albeit with minor updates. The significant change can be seen under the hood, which now doesn’t come with a V6 option. Buyers can opt for either the relatively eco-friendly yet turbocharged inline-four unit or the monstrous yet loud 575hp V8 mill.

Assuming your house won’t be as big as the Jaaaag facility and yet you want something like that, do Hot Wheels have anything in store for people like you? In a word, yes. A more compact version which features absolutely no resemblance to the above-mentioned track can be found here. Although it isn’t that long, but this does have tunnel jumps and a dual car powered lift. Not a bad trade-off, right?

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