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The crossover market is growing faster than any other, with manufacturers battling it out to out sell Land Rover who have had this market sewn up for so long, enter its sister company Jaguar to make its first foray into this highly competitive sector. Today I borrowed the highly specced 3.0 V6 diesel S model with huge 22" alloys wheels to photograph at Tower House in Canterbury.

Jaguars F Pace sits between the BMW X3 and X5, although the Porsche Macan was a benchmark for the car’s dynamic ability. So Jaguar is aiming this at the enthusiast driver who needs practicality but still wants a sportier car to drive. I think they have done a great job, in terms of feel it handles like the XE and XF models providing plenty of driver feedback, and even with the huge 22" wheels a copy ride over different surfaces.

The body roll is well contained, too, even when attacking some twisty challenging roads, plus from reports that I have read the F Pace has very good off road ability as well. The styling reminds me of a more contoured Porsche Cayenne, slightly smaller but with a more dramatic styling. The cabin is spacious and has the new infotainment system which has clear graphics and controls. As the F Pace has just been released time with this demo was restricted, Tower House sits in Westgate Gardens in Canterbury and lends a real charm to the sporty F Pace, especially in the white paint which makes the car stand out superbly.

The lighting set up was very simple, sunshine and a single speed light to add some fill in, an essential requirement when working with dark alloys. I used the 14-24mm wide angle lens to great effect, especially on the interior cabin of the F pace, allowing for the panoramic roof to be shown in one shot. No distortion from the lens either. The 24-70mm was used for the other images shown, with the paintwork no reflections were shown in the bodywork making it easier to get closer for some detailed images. Many thanks to Tower House and Barretts Jaguar for the location and car, sure you will see plenty of the F Paces around in due course, although the order book is filling up well in to 2017 now.

A review from a while back of the Jaguar F Pace

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