Jaguar F type

Seal Everything

This week we have been working on a Jaguar F Type, the first F Type we have actually worked on. The paintwork wasn't actually in bad condition but was extremely soft, so soft in fact it made VW black paint feel like good old Volvo paint which even over its short life on the road has dulled the paintwork to a point where we didn't realise how much metallic flek was in the paint and how well it could reflect. Three days were carried out to renew a lease of life into the paintwork along with cleansing and sealing the convertible roof, removing the wheels and machine polishing the fascias, cleansing the brake calipers, rear diffuser, exhaust and also the inner arches. Once all the areas has been machine enhanced we applied the Gtechniq CSL solution to the paint, wheels and calipers which was then baked to set using out ceramic heat lamps and allowed to set naturally for 8 hours, a second coat of EXO solution was then applied using the same methods. The final prep was then carried out with the glass being treated and sealed using G1 solutions and a quick interior valet to finish things off.

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