jaguar f-type

Belligerent, overpriced, noisy. fantastic

4y ago

I had a Russian girlfriend once. She was born in Estonia, near the border with Russia, to Russian father and Belarusian mother. She later moved to Italy, when she was 11. She had three passports and spoke 4 languages, and she was, I'll take no argument, drop-dead gorgeous. A show-stopper, as they say. Blonde hair, steely, liquid blue eyes and an ever-present cold, unflustered gaze. Right. And this is where the praise ends.

Quite apart from anything else, she hated me.


To me, our relationship was a constant font of ecstatic enthusiasm but to her, it was a bloody nuisance. She was selfish, arrogant, unloving, unsmiling and drank quite heavily. Yet, and I know this is going to make me sound extremely shallow, I couldn't leave her because I simply couldn't stop looking at her. All good? Happy with this description? Fantastic. I hope you are, because this is exactly what the Jaguar F Type feels like.

© Alessandro Renesis

© Alessandro Renesis

The first problem, no point fretting about it too much, is that it is wondrously expensive. If you look at its possible rivals, you would expect it to cost around 45, maybe 55,000 € (47,000 £). Nope. It starts at around 70,000 € (60,000 £). As I'm sure you all know too well by now, luggage space is non-existent, it is very expensive to run, very noisy, the ride is especially hard and... you couldn't care less. Because it is just so pretty.

The F Type has several tangible and objective flaws but it looks gorgeous and the engine sounds Heavenly. This is a Game Changer because Jaguar decided to make it exciting. To Hell with function and common sense. This is a reminder of what cars are all about. Fun.

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