Jaguar f-type r

Depressing the start button awoke a raucous V-8 engine and my entire neighborhood.

4y ago

When you step into the 2016 Jaguar F-Type R there is a bit of magic that happens. Sure the vehicle may be like every other, in that it has 4 wheels, an engine and steering wheel, but the 2016 F-Type R has something more to offer that can only be understood when you push the start button. I had the chance to drive the updated Jaguar for a week a few months ago and it was a week packed with excitement and a bit of ego massaging. Simply put, the 2016 Jaguar F-Type R is a wicked cat whose sole purpose is to fulfill your every whim.
Sliding in the leather seat I at once felt powerful, as if I was in charge of a circus act ready to perform. Depressing the start button awoke a raucous V-8 engine and my entire neighborhood. Surprised by the loudness of the engine, I knew that the road ahead would be a cacophony of fun. Mashing the go pedal I rocketed down the street and hit the open highway. The 2016 F-Type R is separated from its kin by having a 5.0 liter 550 hp V8 under its hood. Furthermore, a Roots-type twin-vortex supercharger is mounted atop the already healthy engine block to further enhance the driving dynamics and brute force of the car. Whether you are in stop and go traffic or racing down an abandoned highway, the F-Type R is set up to please you.
With all wheel drive, an electronic active differential and Jaguar's own Super Performance Braking System as standard, torque vectoring technology to help you carve the most harried of canyons, Jaguar made the F-Type R the pinnacle of the convertible set. Inside the cabin, there is a button that can be flicked to instantly transform the dampening and stiffen the steering, while yet another button to bypass the exhaust baffles to give your ears a more exhilarating experience. Never once did I find the car to be overpowered or hard to manage. It is both nimble and relaxed. Oftentimes cars are either one thing, but never all things. Somehow Jaguar has figured out the perfect formula in the F-Type R. The big question remains though, should you buy this car? Clearly, the answer is a resounding YES! The Jaguar F-Type R is a top of the line convertible that is sleek in its styling and can handle daily driver duties with ease. It is equal parts the sedate driver and the maniac racing machine, both are done with a British sense of decorum that will keep onlookers and drivers pleased.

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