Jaguar F-Type Review

6w ago


The English have always created the most amazing and innovative inventions and ideas. These concepts start with just an idea and blossom into part of the British culture. Some of these include queuing, the iconic Spitfire aircraft, and the sports car, all invented by the British. One of the greatest and most beautiful of these sports cars was the magnificent E-Type Jaguar, and like all the best British cars it has all of the typical problems with the electrics. Still it was magnificent in its own right. Now that Jaguar has brought out its new F-Type, I have the opportunity to drive it to see how it compares to its past, and it’s competition.

This particular model has the 3 litre supercharged V6 engine which produces 380 HP with a 0-63mph in a reasonable 5.1 seconds with the Jaguar All-Wheel Drive System. Approaching this car you notice its refined curves and classic British beauty that has essence of it’s much older sister in the E-Type. Combined with the growl and purr of the V6 it has all the ingredients to be a true Jaguar great.

On entrance to this car, it feels as though Jaguar may have cut a few corners to create this car. The buttons have a feeling of cheapness and during the drive the electronic touch-screen in the car failed, as well as the air conditioning system breaking which just disappointed me a lot. Despite this, it was still an enjoyable place to be. The seats were very comfortable and the whole sense and feel of the car made it obvious that you are in a British sports car. With the electronics breaking it just made me smile as it was a very typically problem to have.

The Jaguar despite the electrics and its cheapness still managed to make me grin a lot. The engine made a beautiful sound not unlike the Alfa Romeo V6. It handled itself around corners extremely well and felt as playful as a kitten with a ball of string. You feel as though you have complete control over the car and this is very enjoyable. To wake up in the morning and see this car would make anyone smirk and to hear that engine gives me goose bumps. On the down side though, this car didn’t respond as quickly as I would of hoped. The automatic gearbox seems to take a while to get used to the driver. If you were to consider buying this car I would highly recommend getting the manual gearbox, because it would contribute more to a pleasurable experience and would bring all of the best out of the V6 engine.

This car may not have the best build quality, and the reliability is yet to be seen but as it is, to me, a very typically British car which I can’t help but like. At £84,546 it is not cheap, and if I’m being honest, for the money you can get much better cars. But this car is very lovable and with the addition of the manual gearbox it would be a brilliant car to drive and live with every day. In the current climate of lots of companies producing electric and eco-friendly cars, it’s lovely to see a gorgeous looking and sounding British car. It makes me miss the past of the fuel drinking, mass emission blowing, beautiful looking cars of old, and for those reasons I would love to own one. Unfortunately though, my sensible side has to come in and to actually pay that much money for one of these, and disregard the older generation Porsche 911, an Alfa Romeo 4C, or even a 718 Cayman GTS I'd have to be completely mad . So if you are looking for a car that is a nod to the past which is just as reliable go for the Jaguar, but if you are going to be sensible and get a car which is everything a sports car should be I definitely think you should look at other options.