Jaguar Has Built an F-Type Rally Car

Dear diary, jackpot.

2y ago

The Jaguar F-Type is good an many things but I personally never dreamt of making one into a proper rally car. Thankfully the folks at Jaguar has quite an imagination and created this thing.

It may be based on the most boring F-Type, the base model 4-cylinder but this is easily the coolest F-Type ever built. As it turns out adding a roll cage, underbody armor, and rally lights can redeem any car with a poor exhaust note.

The F-Type Rally Car was built to celebrate Jaguar's 70 years of Spors Car heritage. The real celebration here however, is the beauty the results in letting engineers built what ever the hell they want.

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Comments (3)

  • I wonder if this rally car will be an indication that the other European sports car manufacturers will start producing rally cars of their own, if it hasn't been done already.

      2 years ago