Jaguar has completed final testing of its 2018 I-Pace EV

1y ago


It has been a year since Jaguar revealed the I-Pace as its prospective all-electric SUV and now the company has recently entered the final stages of testing that will see the Tesla rival on our streets early next year. Since the car's early concept stage, Jaguar has completed 11,000 hours and 1.5 million miles of component rig testing through the use of 200 prototype I-Paces.

The range of the EV's batteries have also been tested fully, with the I-Pace managing to complete a 200-mile journey on one charge, a journey that was specifically tailored to a future I-Pace customer's needs.

Ian Hoban (Jaguar Vehicle Line Director) said: “After 1.5 million global test miles, the I-PACE is ready for production and is proven to deliver long distances on a single charge. Jaguar's first battery electric vehicle will also be fast to charge; our target is a zero to 80 per cent charge being achievable in a coffee break."

Using 'advanced' Lithium-ion batteries, the I-Pace will be looking to snatch a piece of the EV SUV/crossover market from the Tesla Model X. And with Jaguar Land Rover announcing that every vehicle off of its production line will be 'electrified' by 2020, the once traditional British brand is very much surging its factory into the all-encompassing grasp of the electric motor.

Through Jaguar's involvement in Formula E, the fifth season of the motorsport will feature a one-make race series featuring a racing version of the car known as the I-Pace eTrophy. This deal with Formula E should see sales surge thanks to the sheer sight of seeing the stripped out racers battling through the World's city streets.

Order books for the I-Pace will open in March 2018, but as of yet no prices or specs have been unveiled. The real question is, can the electric Jag topple the Tesla Model X from its lofty pedestal?

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