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Jaguar has recalled the F-Type V6

The Jaguar F-Type has got to be one of the best cars the company has ever made, it's as simple as that. Not only is it absolutely gorgeous but get the supercharged V6 or V8 option and you'll have one of the best sportscars around. The punchy 2L turbo is a little underwhelming for a Jag like this! The V6 is my favourite variant, it makes a ferocious growling sound just like a Jaguar should but now, Australian authorities think it may be too loud!

Yup, the Aussies have put out a recall notice for the Jaguar F-Type Supercharged V6 models. Surely that seems crazy because the Aussies are renowned for their V8 Commodores and Falcons which are surely louder than the F-Type, right? 28 F-Types from the last year have been recalled because their static noise exceeds the legal limit which is 74 decibels. Passenger vehicles are not allowed to exceed this figure in a drive-by test and the V6 F-Types simply broke that barrier. A fix for this problem hasn't yet been released but it will mostly likely going to be a better silencer to bring the noise below the limit.

It doesn't make for pleasant reading but the F-Type V6 hasn't been subject to the same treatment overseas. This new recall in Australia has raised questions about whether Jag will keep making this engine as sources say they may replace it with a BMW sourced 6 cylinder. Aussies, enjoy the F-Type while you still can!


Words by Matthew D'souza, pictures sourced from Jaguar Media Worldwide.

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