Jaguar I-Pace - 400bhp Tesla Beater

Introducing the Jaguar I-Pace, a 400bhp 4WD all-electric SUV

4y ago

Jaguar appears to have a cannon pointing towards Tesla - and their not holding back!

Introducing the Jaguar I-Pace, a 400bhp 4WD all-electric SUV. It's currently a concept but Jaguar are targeting a 2018 release and say it will look almost identical.

The platform consists of a flat panel of batteries between the axles and motors at either end, it offers plenty of freedom for the designers to place things where they want to, rather than constrained by fitting them around components.

Upfront, there's no mile long bonnet, due to there being no engine, also allowing for the cab to be further forward giving the SUV a sportier driving position.

The drag coefficient is remarkably low considering it is still an SUV, down to 0.29 from the Jaguar F-Paces 0.34!

The all-new SUV features a bespoke aluminium frame, batteries as close to the road as possible to reduce the centre of gravity (120 mm lower than the F-Pace) and motors either end for perfect weight distribution.

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