Jaguar Land Rover buys Bowler

JLR buys the company behind the Wild Cat

1y ago

Remember this?

Well Jaguar Land Rover has just bought the company that brought us that Wild Cat.

Bowler, for those who may still be unaware, is a UK-based manufacturer of all-terrain performance cars, parts and rally raid vehicles.

Founded in 1985, Bowler pioneered the production of dedicated off-road competition cars in the UK and has achieved success in international rally raid events. The expertise Bowler has amassed for all-terrain vehicle dynamics, low-volume production techniques, and proving the durability of components under extreme conditions, is highly sought-after.

JRL's Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) unit will take over Bowler. SVO is a fast-growing business that amplifies the key attributes of Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles to create distinctive world-class products – including SV, Vehicle Personalisation and Classic.

Since its inception Bowler has had a close affiliation with Land Rover, which was formalised with a brand partnership in 2012 that led to the creation of the popular Defender Challenge by Bowler rally series in 2014-2016.

Michael van der Sande, MD Jaguar Land Rover SVO said the firm is excited to be a position to "participate in and lead the Bowler brand’s future as part of Jaguar Land Rover".

He added: “At Special Vehicle Operations we are all eager to start working with our new colleagues at Bowler. Adding the Bowler team’s skills and experience to those of SV, Vehicle Personalisation and Classic is a key step in our strategy to create an exciting and diverse portfolio of products and businesses within Special Vehicle Operations.

“Our immediate focus is on ensuring continuity of support for Bowler employees and customers during this transition to Jaguar Land Rover.”

The Bowler business is now fully-owned by Jaguar Land Rover. Bowler will continue to operate from its premises in Belper for the foreseeable future.

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Comments (6)

  • I hope they don’t customise the electric version can you imagine ordering an E-Bowler

      1 year ago
  • Good,a sort of LR' AMG

      1 year ago
    • Well JLR has SVO, Special Vehicle Operations, so Bowler will probably be a sort of Land Rover tuner/ in house race vehicles, I imagine. They hopefully will be used to make aggressive off-road builds of current products, especially with the...

      Read more
        1 year ago
    • As AMG has been/is for MB,at least in Gt/customer racing,now. Mind,AMG was bought/drafted in by MB like Bowler

        1 year ago
  • That's buggered it now!

      1 year ago