- Project 8 at Concours, Hampton Court, 2018

Jaguar Land Rover to cut workforce by up to 5000, reduce stock and investment

Jaguar need to combat both falling sales, particularly in China, and the future as Brexit looms

2y ago

We've heard that Jaguar need to cut back due to falling sales in China and Europe, but the day is close now when up to 5000 jobs will have to go to combat the uncertainty after Brexit and other losses.

Will we still see the amazing cars they are producing like the Project 8 above, seen at the Concours this year. The iPace may be making headlines, the XE has its fans, and the XF and XJ are great cars ... but sales are down, making a £90m loss in the last quarter.

Clouds looming on the horizon.

Clouds looming on the horizon.

Further job cuts will be outlined in the New Year. Expect to see more information when the second quarter results are published in 2019.

The Government's policy on diesel, uncertainty following their handling of Brexit and falling sales overseas mean that drastic action needs to be taken. What do you think - is the current Tata owned version of Jaguar heading for terminal decline or will they soldier on. Do you think the cutbacks will be enough? What is the future for Jaguar?

Further details in The Guardian :

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Comments (7)

  • because they give up their core values, the new discovery, rubbish. new XE/XF, boring. Defender, gone.

      2 years ago
    • I'm a big fan of their older models (we have two) and have struggled with the XE so I see where you are coming from, but they had to modernise, even I could see that. How else could they have gone forward? The XF looks better in the new version, not...

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        2 years ago
  • It means that their EV program will probably slow.

      2 years ago