Jaguar Limo for the Price of a Honda Accord!!

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Do you like to be wrapped in luxury and feel plush during the weekdays, but still want to be able to let your hair down and go crazy over the weekends? Do you like to get chauffeur-driven to arrive in style at your business meetings, but occasionally prefer taking the wheel, putting your foot down and having complete control of a massive V6? Well, if your answer to all these questions is yes, but you happen to be on a tight budget, don’t worry, I have a solution for you.

The Jaguar XJL, longer and more powerful than your regular XJ, the L stands for limousine, as in extended wheelbase, which means 6 inches more legroom at the back. This superpower limo has a 3.0-litre V6 diesel engine that gives out 271BHP with 600 Nm of torque. And this engine is married to an 8-speed automatic, which can be controlled through the paddle shifters once put into The Sports Mode.

Now let me tell you why I keep stressing that this Jaguar is very driver-centric focused and not just your usual get-driven-around-in luxury car. Not only does the sporty engine and paddle operated swift shift gearbox help support my argument, but Jaguar has also designed the entire body of the XJL out of light-weight Aluminium to keep the overall weight low and all the power from the engine is sent to the rear wheels only. So what you’ve ended up with is a rear-wheel drive, superleggera, super limousine that you will be able to do some performance driving with, that is till you look back to realize your power sliding a really long slab of British excellence.

Once you’re inside it’s an entirely different story. Jaguar brags that all their XJL’s cabins have been handcrafted. Everything you touch is leather; the dash, the steering wheel, the seats, even the door panels, and all this is beautifully integrated with the walnut wood trim that runs the entire interior. All this extreme luxury is hormonally intertwined with the electronic, such as the self-rising gear nob in the centre console, the virtual cockpit and the XJ branded clock that sits snug between the retro air vents. Culminating into one masterpiece that comes together to make you feel like you’re entered an alternate time zone altogether.

To know more about this beauty with regards to how many kilometers it has run, the year of registration and the price is available at, do check out the video. I have attached the YouTube link below, hope you enjoy it 😊:

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