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Jaguar puts eyes on autonomous vehicles

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Research from the AAA has showed that a total of 73% of Americans don't trust autonomous vehicles. But Jaguar Land Rover Future Mobility division has a simple solution to this. They have decided to add "eyes" to their cars.

They have been designed to act and move like human eyes, and work with LiDAR and cameras. The actual idea is that the eyes follow the moving object in front of them or passing by. They communicate with the pedestrians and passing by cars that they can "see" them and know that they are there.

Jaguar tested it by placing it on a series of autonomous cars running through a artificial town in Coventry, England, where they are located. As they drove, scientists measured the reactions of more than 500 pedestrians walking through the town.


They might look stupid, creepy(especially when they look at you) and a bit odd but the results showed that the digital eyes seemed to help the pedestrians trust the cars more instinctively when they tried to cross the street.

It might be soon that you see all autonomous cars with creepy eyes looking at you while you cross a street or go past them. It's a working process that will develop soon into better technology as it goes along.

What's your opinion?

What do you think of this idea that they came up with? Let me know in the comments below of what you thought about it.

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  • It’s too weird, in the end their cars, not people, sensors yes, eyes no!

    6 days ago
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  • These eyes give autonomous car a bit of personality; I approve!

    28 days ago
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