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      Jaguar to launch Project 8 racing series

      Jaguar is to send the Project 8 racing in its very own dedicated series. Trouble is however, the series is only open to a very specific type of driver

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      Around a circuit, there is no 4-door saloon in the world that can hope to live with the Jaguar Project 8. Its power doesn’t give reason to its dominance, nor does any mild weight advantages it may have. Instead, it’s this car’s handling that helps it pull away from anything resembling competition. Clearly then, it’s an ideal candidate for a gentleman’s racing series - and that’s exactly what Jaguar is doing with it.

      Called the Series Elite, Jaguar has created a new racing series especially for the Project 8. The drivers Jaguar will choose have to be over 50, and, to paraphrase them, stinking rich! Hard to accuse Jaguar of being elitist when the word is in the name of the series itself!

      Instead of creating dedicated Project 8 racing cars for the series, Jaguar will be using 20 cars from the original production run. Given that only 300 were ever destined to breathe, this curiously high number of cars has me wondering about the popularity of Jaguar’s hyper-saloon.

      Speculation aside however, each of the 20 cars will receive only the lightest modifications - which will include a set of Trofeo R tyres. Racing will take place at 12 circuits in the UK and Europe; although precisely which circuits, we don’t yet know. The cars will remain in Jaguar’s possession for the sake of maintenance. If required however, each of the 20 cars could be converted back for road use quite easily.

      So what do you guys think about this? Would you like to see 20 almost-road-legal Project 8s raced by a bunch of exceptionally wealthy over 50s across Brexit heartlands? Let me know in the comments.

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