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Following the launch of Jaguar’s first SUV, the F Pace, and the entry into Formula E with the I Type, Jaguar has been opening its doors to all sorts of new markets recently and it seems the manufacturer isn’t stopping any time soon. Last month at the LA Motor Show Jaguar revealed it’s latest concept car, the all new I Pace Concept. Disguised as a small SUV, this dynamic, 4×4 sports car is the latest breakthrough for the electric motor industry.

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So what’s the spec? The I Pace Concept is completely electric, working on two electric motors and has a running time of about 310 miles on one single charge. Due to the all wheel drive capabilities and aerodynamic design, the I Pace Concept is capable of sports car acceleration achieving 0-60 in 4 seconds. Pretty impressive for a 5 seater SUV. Charging this car isn’t difficult either, taking only 90 minutes to charge up to 80%. It has an eye catching design, looking minimalistic and futuristic all at once. Has Jaguar raised the bar for electric cars? Absolutely. The I Pace Concept is the first example of next generation vehicles. Practicality combined with pure electric movement, impressive speed… and it’s still unmistakably Jaguar.

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The I Pace Concept will be available mid 2018, and is already becoming immensely popular. I, for one, absolutely love it. The idea of having a car that is capable of sport-like acceleration but still runs silently on electric motors is amazing to me. It looks beautiful. It isn’t as boxy as the F Pace, and doesn’t look as large. It’s small, sexy and holds the personality of a practical family car while simultaneously keeping up with it’s F Type sister. Jaguar, hats off. Once again I adore your production.

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  • Interesting, nice to see Jaguar raising the bar. I'd still rather have an F-Type though, but I'm 17. It's to be expected.

    1 year ago
  • Absolutely agree. Definitely looking forward this!

    1 year ago


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