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Jake Jones takes his RB powered M3 drift car roll racing with hilarious results

Jake "DriftSquid" Jones does some maintenance on the RBM3 then loads it up to go beat on some cars.

35w ago

Jake Jones commonly known by his nickname "DriftSquid" is an Australian drifter who happens to drift one of the most unique drift builds. His RB powered E92 M3 affectionately known as the "RBM3" is definitely one of my favorite E92 builds.

In the video above, Jones starts with some much needed maintenance on the RBM3 as it has been sitting for a little while. After the maintenance and swapping some rubber/wheels, the action begins. Jones headed out to go roll racing just for fun, but he achieved some hilariously unexpected results. For all the details, be sure check out his most recent video above!

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