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Jake Paul might have a go at Nascar

No, we're not making this up...

Jake Paul is many things. YouTuber, actor, rapper, social media superstar, professional boxer and (perhaps above all else) downright controversial. The problem child of the Paul family is like a human car crash we can't stop watching. Even though we baulk at his antics, we just can't let them go. We have to keep giving him our attention. It seems like that attention may start coming from a new kind of sports at some point soon, as Jake Paul has stated that he's interested in having a go at Nascar at some point in the future.

Yes, you read that right. Once his boxing career is over, Jake Paul seriously wants to look into the option of stock car racing in the US. "Why not? You know I have wondered what do I do after boxing," he told Gareth A Davies. "I’ve thought about NASCAR but now that you are bringing up swimming," he continued, expanding on the potential of him also having a go at a swimming career. Yes, he's thought of that too, would you believe it!

Paul is no stranger to fast cars (he owns a Lamborghini Huracan, a Ford Focus RS and a Tesla Model X) and motor racing (he attended a race at Homestead Miami Speedway in 2017), so it actually seems kind of logical that he'd want to have a crack at his own racing career. He also definitely has the money to fund it, as he earns an estimated $30 million per year. He'd likely also be able to rope some personal sponsors in as, despite his incredibly controversial reputation, some brands would actually welcome his 'problem child' persona. As the buy rates of the boxing PPVs he's been on show, controversy does indeed create cash when it comes to the Paul brothers...

Even though he definitely has the passion and money to have a go at racing, he'll still need to prove to Nascar's bigwigs that he's good enough to take part in at least a Truck Series or Xfinity race. He'll likely have to spend multiple years in the lower-league K&N Pro Series and ARCA Menards Series before even thinking about progressing to the big leagues. This is where his Nascar dream could falter, as if he's not good enough and/or safe enough on track he won't be allowed to race on the big ovals with fully professional drivers.

Is Jake Paul in Nascar something Nascar fans would want, too? Maybe his controversial reputation would be just that little bit too much for America's most popular racing series. There's also the fact that he'd end up having a reputation as being a 'pay driver' due to his money and brand value. If a very wealthy and controversial celebrity such as Jake Paul was able to make it to the proper Nascar leagues, it would definitely signal a slippery slope that Nascar fans may not be happy about indeed...

Regardless of what happens, Jake Paul announcing that he's seriously thought about entering Nascar is one of the most 2021 things that 2021 has 2021'd us. If it does happen, it would be kinda hilarious if nothing else! If it doesn't happen, then maybe fans of the sport can breathe a sigh of relief that Jake Paul isn't going to come and potentially cause a ruckus.

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  • "History's worst NASCAR crashes, #1"

      1 month ago
  • Bro why do yall sound excited about this Jake Paul is the biggest douchebag dickhead asshole in the world

      1 month ago
  • Is he gonna do that before or after he gets his teeth knocked out by Mike Tyson?

      1 month ago
  • *laughter*

      1 month ago
  • I'd like to see him try WRC or MotoGP

      1 month ago