James Bond's Original DB5 with 13 actual gadgets is up for Sale

13w ago


Let me tell you a story. The story of the original 'effects' DB5. Equipped with all the the gadgets it was stolen from a hangar in Florida and has never been seen since.

If your James Bond memory is intact, you might know that 'Four' DB5s were made. So now after the tragic loss of the 'effects' DB5 we are left with three. 'Two' DB5s were used in Goldfinger and the other will go up for auction in Monterey by RM in August.

Sadly though this car is never used in a Bond film but not many of your friends know this fact so you will be having all those bragging rights. This particular car was bought by EON Productions to promote the film.

Two promotional DB5s bought by EON were given to Lord Bamford – from the family behind JCB. This car then was in a museum for 35 years, thanks to its next owner B.H. Atchley.

In 2006, it was sold by RM for $2million. Then there was a complete restoration of this car, the highlight of which are the 13 gadgets, all of which work.

Aston Martin might be building 25 ‘new’ Bond DB5, but the joy of having the original can never be substituted. So get your wallets and cheque books all open, as RM is expecting this ‘DB5/2008/R’ to fetch it between $4million and $6million.

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