James, Jeremy and Richard as the best present to us

Meeting with fans impossible to forget

gavinhenry123 (instagram)

'This a old memory in 2013 I was waiting for a taxi in the T5 airport parking lot and a couple pulled up beside me. I glanced over my shoulder then immediately looked straight ahead thinking “is that James May?!” Him and his wife were very tanned so I guessed they must of just got back from holiday. At first was worried he would be tried from travelling and won’t want some kid bothering him asking him for a signature or worse it might not actually be him 😂 I was studying with this book which seemed the natural option to use it I braved up and spoke to him. He was total gent! I had some small talk with the reply “don’t worry you’ll get used to it pretty quick” Thanks @jamesmaybloke it was a pleasure to meet you :) '

It is always pleasant to read about such a wonderful events. The Grand Thank you to every fan for sharing so much fun with us :)

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