James May answers the internet's questions

    You asked, he answered.... Sort of...

    1y ago


    We took James May to the pub where he answered some of the internet's most pressing questions!


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    Comments (162)

    • What car best describes BREXIT?

        1 year ago
      • I would say a Reliant Robin, politicians can’t seem to get through anything in this day and age.

        P.S I’m not a Brit

          1 year ago
      • apart from honda and bmw engined variants?

          1 year ago
    • Dear Dr. May:

      You have travelled a lot of miles and drove through hundreds of roads: which country, of all the ones you had visited, it's the most petrolhead friendly? And which one gave you the best driving experience of them all?

        1 year ago
    • That was far more satisfying to watch than it had any right to be... 🤔

        1 year ago
    • Dear dr. May,

      I`ve been a fan for a long time and I`ve often wondered what you were going to say all those times when you were cut off by the other two when doing either The News or Conversation Street, so my question to you is

      would you consider writing a book called something like "..and shall I tell you the other interesting thing about this?" which would be about the more detailed aspects of the things that interest you?

      Most sincerely,

      Otto Kalde

        1 year ago
    • The BIG question though is: When is Clarkson going to give birth? His pregnancy is making elephant gestation times seem very short in comparison.

        1 year ago


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