James May attends the Red Bull Air Race Final in Texas

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As you will have seen if you follow James May’s Carbolics Tribe, James attended the final of the Red Bull Air Race held at the Texas Motor Speedway on Sunday 18th November, to promote Drive Tribe. To see his report have a look at his article, I thought you might be interested to see some fan photos taken at yesterday’s event.

Tina Zdjelar was given the task of piloting James around the course and she said it was something she will always remember - I expect James will too!

via @tina_zdjelar on Instagram

Jessica Jay interviewed James about Drive Tribe, The Grand Tour and his experience flying the air race course, she seems to have found it less amusing than James did, but I think she liked him really.

Jessica Jay and May

Via @jerrelismyname on Instagram

Fans seemed happy to see James despite the chilly weather and the other exciting things at the race. It’s good to see how popular Clarkson, Hammond and May continue to be wherever they go.

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  • The picture with the pilot is fabulous!

    27 days ago
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  • Sorry, off topic... but I would have never thought that the day would come when May and I wear the same clothes.

    Very cool article, Jane!

    28 days ago
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    • Drive Tribe t-shirt, or the check shirt too? Thanks, glad you liked it!

      28 days ago
    • I meant the t-shirt. But when I think about it... I might have some kind of check shirt in my wardrobe too. Never combined those yet.

      28 days ago
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