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James May Certainly Cleans Up Nicely On This Morning

1y ago


He's known for his driving speed (or lack thereof), long hair, floral shirts, and striped jumpers. What happens when you take one of those things out of the equation? Well, you still have James May, but a much more cleaned up version of him!

Appearing on This Morning, James wowed the crowd with his clean new look, which promted the following audience responses:

"Didn't even recognise #jamesmay how different does he look #thismorning"

"Watching #ThisMorning, @MrJamesMay has morphed into @stephenfry"

CREDIT: Express

“Wooow! James May looks so different!”

“James May Looking like the love child of #jeremyclarkson and #Stephenfry #thismorning,”

Beside his new look, the rest of James' interview on This Morning consisted of (obviously) promoting the premiere of the second season of The Grand Tour; specifically the friction between the three boys:

"Remember there’s three if us, three is very much a crowd on television. When you put three on a show with perilous adventure, it’s bound to cause friction.

I’ve spent so much time with them, I have no desire to spend any more time with them. I have other friends and a wife at home.”

December 8th, folks. It's just around the corner.



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