When asked about his relationship with Jeremy and Richard, James had a rather interesting answer:

"Friction. Barely concealed mutual dislike. The disequilibrium of the number three; it means one of us is always a spare wheel, ignored, left out. Usually that person is me.”

Despite that, the friction between the three (whether real or not) is the glue that holds the show together. When asked to describe Richard and Jeremy, James replies with:

"Jeremy and Richard are conventional, they crave respectability. I don’t, I never have. Richard has a big house, is generally fit for purpose and is bigger on grooming than me – although, to be fair, so is my cat. “Jeremy is pretty successful at most things and he’s very establishment. Yes, he says outrageous things that give Guardian readers aneurysms, but he’s not being offensive, he’s just being a d---.”


James then follows up with perhaps his best Jeremy burn to date:

"It’s only an all-male environment because we happen to be blokes, although I think Jeremy is rather womanly in some respects. If you look closely, some of his body language is quite feminine. Me, I’m a lesbian: I find women fascinating.”

Following that, James may have given us the biggest clue regarding The Grand Tour's new driver:

"Our driver [The Grand Tour’s equivalent of The Stig] is a woman, incidentally. We tested loads of people and she was the fastest and the best and that’s how it should be; to employ her for any other reason would be patronising.”

So there you have it; Jeremy is a woman, Richard grooms himself more than James' cat, and The Grand Tour's new driver is a woman!



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