- Photo Dario Costa via Instagram

James May filming at the Red Bull Air Race

42w ago


Red Bull pilot Dario Costa posted his photos of James May's recent trip to the final of the Red Bull Air Race series at Dallas Motor Speedway on Instagram yesterday, and I thought you'd like to see them here.

Action! (photo via @Costadario on Instagram)

G Force affects your face in strange ways....(photo via @Costadario on Instagram)

James has written two articles on his James May's Carbolics tribe about the trip which you will have seen. It looks as if there was a film made of James' trip so I hope we will get to see that soon.

Getting the Fizz, at least I hope that's what's happening! photo via @Costadario on Instagram)

Looks great fun doesn't it? Dario says of the flight '...this ride is my thank you for having entertained me with your TV shows for about 15 years and still...'️ a sentiment we can all agree with.

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