- Ladies and Gentlemen the real James May has stood up on Instagram (Photo via @JamesMayBloke on Instagram)

James May is on Instagram

And it's really him

2y ago

For several years people have speculated about accounts on Instagram that pretended to be James May. In particular there was one account which purported to be 'official' despite May repeatedly saying on Twitter that he didn't have an Instagram account.

The Real Deal

A lot of you will have spotted over the last few weeks that May has now set up an Instagram account to foil the imposters. The real James May can be found under the user name @JamesMayBloke, as you can see below

In order to prove it is him James added a video confirming that it was him on 8th November 2018.

Some Initial Confusion now resolved

There was some inital confusion over the @JamesMayBloke account when it appeared briefly on 8th and 9th November but then deactivated, leading people to wonder what had happened. However James has now reopened the account adding a picture of his very handsome cat and also confirming with a video on Facebook this morning that this account is indeed his and that the imposter account will soon be closed down.

I think we can all agree with James' final message to the faker!

So pass on the message to anyone who uses Instagram and wants to follow James May, the real James May has now stood up and it seems he's got to grips with the true meaning of Instagram already by posting a picture of his cat, we just need a picture of his lunch now and he'll be a professional Instagrammer.

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Comments (5)

  • Yeah it was all these accounts and yeah I did report them, I’m like ok what the hell lol glad to see him on

      2 years ago
  • Acebiscuits. will you get a blue tick on Insta then?

      2 years ago
  • Someone also has mixed up James with Bryan and thinks he was in a band

      2 years ago
    • That happens all the time. I think if James had a pound for every time he’s been asked if he’s Brian May’s brother he could have bought another Ferrari.

        2 years ago
  • We need a picture of your lunch on Instagram now and you’ll be true Instagrammer then.

      2 years ago