James May Narrowly Missed Death In A Grand Tour Season 2 Teaser Video

I lost it at the anvil...

2y ago


We're well into The Grand Tour Season 2 now, so maybe we should take a look back at the genius ideas they used to market the season. The minds behind The Grand Tour Season 2 really ramped up their promotional material, and this has got to be the funniest video we got from them. Bar maybe that time when Clarkson and May went as American as Hammond!

Below, you'll find a celebration of James May still being alive. Just.


The video shows May narrowly missing fatal accidents like the falling of roof tiles, a falling anvil (that bit really got me laughing), and the possible drinking of paint stripper.

Does this perfectly depict a day in the life of Captain Slow? We're not so sure during his time away from filming, but during filming, this acts as a perfect metaphor. The Grand Tour is dangerous, hard, tiring work. But hey, someone has to do it!


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