James May opens your weird mail

And there are some doozies.

1y ago

So for those that do not know, James has started a series called James May's Mail Time where you can send him mail and he will open it on camera. It's quite frankly a fantastic idea as each box and mail parcel aren't pre-screened, so it's very random and very entertaining.

This episode begins with James rattling off the winners from last episode. And here they are in the order they appear!

Chris Lynd - Lego Mustang

Michael Bishop - Russian Alarm Clock (Oh Clock, well done there)

Videoguy247 - 70s Era Honda F1 Mini Model

Kate B - Gliders

Joseph Martinez - Build Your Own V8 Engine

Tim Witter - Escape From Colditz Board Game

Congrats to all the winners!

Now on to this episode's mail. Watch the entire episode above as it is supremely funny, but my personal favorite item sent in this week was the French cookies, biscuits, and the Fiat coin bank. Very cool. What was your favorite?

Also, are you interested in any of the items James opened? Comment and you could win them!

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Comments (20)

  • I’d very much enjoy the fiat coin bank as I’d give it to my 1.5 year old son to serve as a reminder that his mom once told his dad (me) that I could buy an abarth only to shut me down at the final purchase stage. If that car would’ve been local (and not 5 hrs away) that abarth would be sitting in the garage instead of the Volvo 850R estate I’m rebuilding!!

      1 year ago
    • Seems like a nice idea! Good luck, James, if you are seeing this I think Erik should get the coin bank! Also it was a rather accurate drawing of Clarkson!! 👋🏻🤣🙂

        1 year ago
  • jeremy idea off open a mail box with a hammer i reckon.

      1 year ago
  • Hello Mr. May,

    You, sir, missed out on an AMAZING amount of Japan, and I am so disappointed. If you truly were Captain Slow, you'd be more willing to explore the beautiful and amazing places that Tohoku has to offer. You missed the most beautiful and amazing onsen in Yamagata, Mataushima in Miyagi, all of Iwate and the Hanamaki Onsen there, and several other places of note. If you ever come back, please do consider enjoying the slower parts of Japan. I understand Tokyo is exciting, but there's more to Japan than Tokyo. They're worth seeing.

      4 months ago
  • Dear James May. Please can i have the unattractive pottery duck? I want to donate it to my local charity shop as i hate the miserable old sow who works there.

      5 months ago
  • Good Evening Mr. Slowly,

    I've been a fan of you and your mates for some years now, in all you various forms (Top Gear, Grand Tour, Man Lab, etc and most recently Mail Time). I recently shared the famous Ariel Atom segment with my 8 yr old son, who now literally watches Top Gear or Grand Tour any chance he gets. When asked about his favourite car, he'll first qualify the question with what type of car (hot hatch, saloon, supercar, off-roader etc) and then proceed to give you a year, model, and make of his favourite car in the specified category. A far fetch from the generic answers a typical 8 yr old might give. His number one dream is to cock about on television like you three, so I've suggested he aim for a career in automotive journalism.

    I'm writing in response to your Mail Tribe episode from March 1 2020 (late, I know, but I have just recently discovered the program) where you open 2 toy Ferraris, including a F50 (which happens to be his favourite car in the "classic" supercar segment. As we approach Christmastime, any F50 model would cause him great excitement, but one received from you would surely be a gift treasured by for a lifetime.

    If the toy is still available we would be very excited to receive it from you.

    Thanks for your consideration,

    Joseph Suelzle

    Cochrane, Alberta, Canada

      5 months ago