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James May talks to the Telegraph about 'The Grand Tour' and the future

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As we wait for the release of the first episode of 'The Grand Tour' series 3 we are being treated to a round of promotional interviews by Clarkson Hammond and May, today James May is interviewed in the Telegraph.

Clarkson or Hammond on a desert island?

The paper asks May to choose between Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond to be castaway on an island with. I've heard him asked this question before, it's a perennial in some form or another, but May is consistent and chooses Hammond each time. In this case he is quoted as saying Hammond is much more useful, and that he has yet to discover anything that Jeremy can do apart from drive a car. His lack of practical skills rules him out as a castaway companion as well as his insufferable nature which would drive James mad.

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The Grand Tour

Asking James about the coming series of 'The Grand Tour' and it's future fourth series the paper makes the point that the programme is made of very different elements, held together by Clarkson, Hammond and May's personalities and the chemistry of their relationships with each other.

No more tenting (Image Amazon Prime)

May is quoted as saying '...The focus has been gradually moving away from cars for quite a long time, to be honest. I think in the future we will be seen as more of a travelling adventure programme.' The interview was held on the day that series four was announced and that it was indeed to follow that format of travelling adventures. The paper reports James as telling them '...In the olden days, we always had a suspicion that the big specials as we call them, the whole programme-length films, were the most popular bits, but it was very difficult to analyse.'

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Amazon, James explains, have been able to analyse how the programme is watched to the enth degree, even to when people pause it to go and make a cup of tea, and so it has become clear that the most popular thing was the road trips. This lead to the decision to concentrate on what they do best and the audience appreciates most. May also says that the average viewer is now more savvy about what they are watching and are quick to spot anything which might not ring true or smells like a rat.

Tyred? (Image Clara Malden for the Telegraph)

James continues that he likes the viewer feedback and jokes that he has grown his hair back as viewers expressed a preference for it longer. At least, I think he's joking.....

James May growing his hair by public demand (Pic @jamesmaybloke on instagram)

What of Top Gear?

May watches the new 'Top Gear' avidly according to the Telegraph, saying 'I’m really keen to see what they do with the new guys, because it’s quite a radical choice. They may have been extremely clever [putting them with Harris] because Harris is a proper nerd: he races cars, and he buys and sells cars; he knows his stuff.' he goes on to say, as he has previously that it's healthy to have two car shows, good for the viewer and good for the shows to have competition.

Office playground? (Image Clara Malden for the Telegraph)

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So who would you rather spend your time on a desert island with? Of the three I'd choose May, by far the most practical and he'd keep you entertained, but if it had to be Hammond or Clarkson, it would be Hammond for me.

Are you looking forward to the more travel based 'The Grand Tour', do you agree that those were their best bits?

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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