James may's 20 best Ask Me Anything responses

2y ago


1) David Bland: “ Are you filming more for The Grand Tour?”

JM: “We start at the end of January.”

2) George Warden: “What three things are you most looking forward to in 2017?”

JM: “Lunch, supper, and the pub.”

3) Frank Maidment: “Also as a motorcycle rider what bike do u ride.”

JM: “Today, a Triumph Street triple.”

4) Natasja Stegeman: “Do you sleep with your mouth open?”

JM: “I don’t know. I’m asleep.”

5) Hamza Ghose: “What is the best "first car" for 17 years olds that dosen't cost a fortune to insure?”

JM: “Old Panda, Swift, anything like that. No diesels.”

6) Hanu Trivedi: “Pizza Hut or Dominoes?”

JM: “I prefer chess, really”

7) J DeWille: “Till now TGT first season is less about car more entertaining at least when compare to TG. However your review segments were brilliant. Any chance to have more reviews like Ford VS Ferrari in next episodes or season?”

JM: “Yes. Hang on a bit.”

8) Jen Wei Lee: “James what made you want to become a pianist? And what made you stop wanting to become a pianist?

Richard Hammond: “You're spelling it wrong Jen; it's sounds a bit like 'pianist' when you say it out loud. And yes, he is one.”

9) Richard Hammond: “Is it true that you got into TV after being spotted as a waiter in a lap-dance bar?”

JM: "Bugger off Hammond, this is my page

10) Glendon Moss: “How's your ferrari 458 speciale?”

James May: “Still Orange”

11) Paul Hansen: “Very important question. Should milk be added before or after the tea?”

JM: "Before."

12) Michael Foley: “Will the U.K build good cars again, ie:Jensen, MG, Triumph, Morris, Austin etc?.”

JM: “They were bad cars. The UK makes great cars today, and makes them well.”

13) Carl Elgerton: “If you had to bolt two cars together to make a better one, which ones would they be?”

JM: “A mess.”

14) Jon Hanna: “Have you ever thought of voicing a character in an animated movie?”

JM: “Yes, the Pink Panther.”

15) Ludovico Sieber: Honda NSX or Ferrari 458?

JM: “I have a 458, so, um…”

16) Betty McLaighlin: “Would you ever ride a self-driving motorcycle?”

JM: “Wouldn't need to, surely?”

17) Michael Pattinson: “What are you having for tea tonight?”

JM: “ Sugar Puffs.”

18) Kevin Gumm: “What do you think of Dunsfold being flattened for housing?”

JM: “It was already flat, as I remember it.”

19) Zeinab Elwakiel: “Why did you stop saying “ohh, cock”?”

JM: “Did I? Oh cock.”

20) James Taylor: “What else would you like to reassemble?”

JM: “My own spine.”