James May's 'A Kit Curry Adventure'

On FoodTribe. The first cooking video from James May

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Video credit: James May on FoodTribe

In his fine kitchen, James impressed us all with his excellent professional culinary skills. Having acquired a set of ingredients for Curry, he tries to cook it clearly according to the instructions ..

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-Jasmine rice

-Spices for curry

-Thai fresh basil

-Thai lemograss

-Thai coriander


-Coconut milk

He has a wonderful critic of taste, perhaps it is the mysterious Sarah, who is known as a professional critic of ballet ... But his dish looks not like in an advertising booklet. Although if you recall how photographs of food are created it ... With glue, buckets of paint, polystyrene and other things ... James made a wonderful soup! :) The main thing is that it is edible ...


For this case, James chose the Sancerre as wine. He even promised to try Quincy once in the comments.

The classic French Sanser wines are white, with lively acidity and a tantalizing bouquet of gooseberries, green grass, nettle and minerality. Richer, more mature specimens - especially from the warmer western slopes with limestone soils - often exhibit a more fruity bouquet with notes of passion fruit and lemon zest. In general, the soil of Sancerre is the pride of local winemakers. They can be clearly divided into three types: Cretaceous, gravel-limestone and quartz (flint). It is quartz soils that give the characteristic famous note of pierre a fusil - “gunpowder”, which is the hallmark of Sauvignons from this part of the Loire Valley.

Do not drink wine with food in your mouth until you are sure of the combination food-wine. This is one of the easiest tips. If an imperfectly selected wine is poured into a mouth full of food, alcohol will come to the fore and entail all the flaws of the combination. It is necessary to take a sip between serving portions of a meal in your mouth. But not during this process. If the balance of wine and dishes is close to perfect, this rule can be neglected.

And James May wants to try baking a fruit cake

James has such an incomprehensible picture behind him. Trying to unravel its meaning, I did not find similar ones in Google and other searches. It is not only incomprehensible, but also unique ... What can there be depicted in James's favorite brown colors? Perhaps this has a positive effect on his appetite.

While I was at a loss, James May himself unexpectedly answered me!

James May: 'It’s a painting of London’s docklands made in the early 60s by James Page-Roberts. I have several from the series.'

I think this is one of the best works of James Page-Roberts

Photo credit: James Page-Roberts "Short Bomber, Detling", "Ypre", "Maidstone",...

Photo credit: James Page-Roberts "Short Bomber, Detling", "Ypre", "Maidstone",...

But how to explain his headless photo and video with wine?

This can be explained by the habit of having dinner with a glass of drink. But really ... James May could hide his terrible chagrin over his lost purple-purple shirt ...


I found a strange person who sell the best things ever... Always the best. You can read his very secret story. And Don't say about it to James!



But all this increases our great sadness on this symbolic subject.

I made a memorable video for such a case to cheer up James May and his fans

Fashion Grand Tour news

We must not lose hope. We will continue to follow the news

We all love this wonderful, famous pink-purple striped rugby shirt and James May in it!

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  • Do you like my beautiful video dedcated to your shirt? :) Maybe you will feel better after it :)

      1 year ago
  • was it in your new FoodTribe kitchen?

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