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James May’s birthday project!

Join us in wishing a very happy birthday to Mr. James May!

Captain Slow’s birthday is upcoming, and we thought to prepare a special birthday present for him, like we did for Richard Hammond’s birthday!

Participation is simple!

1) Comment under this post before 30th December

2) Follow this tribe to stay updated

3) Send us a video or a photo before 9th January

4) Be creative!

There's just some simple guidelines to follow!

1) Film or shoot in landscape orientation, saying “Happy birthday James!” in English or your native language, the choice is yours. Your name and country will be added directly on the video in text form.

2) Send your work to lawtulk@gmail.com adding your Name, country, and drivetribe username into the email message. Your data will be added directly on the video by Lowri. Please use “James May Birthday Video” as the email subject title.

3) If you're not comfortable with the video option, hold a sheet with your birthday wishes written for Mr. May, and your data will be added in the video then.

4) You can be as creative as you want with the background and text, just remember to write clearly and with reasonably big letters.

5) Have fun! There are no other rules - you can dress as you want, show your face or not, the decision is yours!

Here there's some printable forms if you aren't too artistic to create your own one :

If you have any questions DM me, and if you need technical help with your card or video don't hesitate to DM Lowri, we are here for help!

Let's do something great! Thanks for reading!

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