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James May's new interview reveals a big change for series 3 of 'The Grand Tour'

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Continuing the round of promotional work for series three of 'The Grand Tour' James May has given another interview, this time to Canadian webiste wheels.ca, who amongst the usual topics of crashes, illnesses and not getting on with his colleagues, had some different questions to ask him.

How does series three differ from the previous series?

James is quoted as saying that there are some big differences between series two and the new series. The website reports him saying 'We’ve got effectively three specials, rather than the usual one. We’ve got a few other films that are almost special length; you know almost a full episode long. We’ve got a few silly races, some terrible old cars. some rather romantic old cars as well. Bickering, some sort of shallow pointless arguments, and a few supercars.'

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That all sounds good, James goes on to confirm when asked that there are no studio guest segments in series three, so 'Celebrity Face Off' has bitten the dust and has not been replaced. James says in the interview 'We’ve ditched the guests because they weren’t that popular. And we realized we could spend more time on the films if we ditched the guests. So the guests got the bullet, I’m afraid'.

No more Hoff - Celebrity face off has been ditched (Image Amazon prime)

This is an interesting change. I'm a long standing Grand Tour and Top Gear fan, I watched Top Gear as a teenager before the Clarkson, Hammond and May era dawned and all through it, so it's safe to say I love their shows, but in 8 out of 10 cases I've always hit fast forward though the 'celebrity' element of the show. I certainly won't miss it, but it's bound to generate discussion.

Oh, Canada?

As this is a Canadian website James is asked which is his favourite part of Canada. He explains that he has spent quite a bit of time in Vancouver and what the website quotes him as calling the 'fields' but I think it should be 'fjords' as James then goes on to say he knows they're not called that in Canada and he has flown a float plane around that area. That sounds more like fjords than fields.

Oh Canada - series 22 of Top Gear (Image BBC)

James also says he likes the low price but high-quality sushi, the scenery and the crisp air. He'd like to see more of Canada, the website says, having his sights on attending a Jazz festival there.

Alternative powertrains

The website asks James about alternative powertrains, describing him as a 'big motorcyclist', by which I assume they mean a motorcycle enthusiast rather than referring to his height to weight ratio, May is asked how does he feel about new electric motorcycles?

James on his very fizzy but not electric former Truimph

James is quoted as saying '...Well I’ve tried a few, and I’ve got an electric car (a BMW i3). I’m quite a fan of electric propulsion. I think it’s a different sort of excitement. I mean you don’t get the thrill of the buzz in the sweet spot of the engine, you don’t get the perfect gear change. But you do get this sort of instant torque, silent progress, strange noise, feeling that you’re sort of in Star Trek or something. So I quite like it. '


He goes on to say '.... it’s been a year or two since I’ve ridden an electric bike. So I need to get back on top of that. I rode a fuel cell one a few years back. With a sort of plug-in fuel cell where the fuel tank would normally be on a normal bike. You could recharge it in your house and simply plug it in the bike and off it went. And I have to say it was bloody brilliant. It was really, really good. It’s great if you live in a built-up urban area as I do, and you have to set off early in the morning. Cause you always feel a bit bad about firing up a BMW flat twin or a Ducati or something. If you just sort of silently float away on your electric bike it’s all very agreeable.'

Nasty noises & strange likes

Referring to May's recent unboxing video of a full-size Yaris GRMN on youtube, the website asks James how he feels about the squeaky sound of the polystyrene blocks rubbing together later in the video.

James gets exited about packaging

James says he isn't bothered by the usual sounds people dislike, such as nails on a blackboard, with only the squeaky sound balloons make when you rub them really setting his teeth on edge. James then goes on to make an admission, he really likes polystyrene, I mean really...

'I quite like the feel of polystyrene. I like cutting it with a hot wire. And I quite like lying on it. For some pervy reason..'

Yes James we all get that, er...no maybe we don't!

On Stripey Jumpers

May is asked if his famous pink and purple rugby shirt (don't dare call it a top) of doom is still going and will appear in series three. James replies 'Oh it’s definitely still in my wardrobe. Actually, it’s terribly remiss of me, I don’t think I’ve worn it this series. That’s very poor, isn’t it? Because I think it still has its own website somewhere so there’ll be some questions asked on the web about what’s happened to the pink and purple stripe rugby shirt of doom! But you can reassure all your readers that it survives. It has a small hole in it, but it’s got a good 30 years left in it yet.'

Don't panic the pink and purple rugby shirt of doom is still going Image BBC)

So what do you think? Are you happy to see the back of the celebrity segment of the show as I am, or did you love it? Have you got a strange liking for polystyrene too? Let me know in the comments below.

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