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Electric supercars will deny heroes a suitable soundtrack

4y ago

It is going to be difficult to be a wheeled Cyrano de Bergerac when you can't announce your imminent approach with the distant bellow of a tortured V12. One moment she'll be looking wistfully out of the window, next you'll be there with the box of Milk Tray. No tantalising anticipation. No rapid increase in heart rate as rescue is dimly suggested from a distance. Just a slight whining noise. It doesn't bode well for chocs wahey.

On the other hand, this limited-run EP9 from NextEV does sound quite exciting in itself, not least because it delivers a megawatt of power, which works out at over 1300 shaft horsepower. That comes from four independent motors, one on each wheel, so the opportunities for very sophisticated driver aids are enormous. A bit like the front end of a new NSX at both ends.

It's been tested around the 'ring, and here's a picture.

Round and round we go, but at least we're not making a racket.

Round and round we go, but at least we're not making a racket.

I'd normally rail against this sort of thing, but I don't mind with supercars because that's what they're for. But I'm not telling you the time, because it's not actually relevant.

'It's not actually relevant'

Me, obviously

What will it be like to lap the Nurburgring in 7mins 5.12secs in an electric car? There's no doubt that you'd be relieved of one of the crucial responsibilities of track driving, which is getting the gear right. But maybe that's just a cultural thing. I don't miss manually adjusting the ignition timing, because I've never had to do it.

Looks good, dunnit?

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Comments (54)

  • E cars will kill off Formula 1 for good as well, I think.

      4 years ago
    • never. they will never get enough battery power to get the speed over distance that F1 delivers. thank god I think.

        4 years ago
  • What's wrong with offering a sound track of your choice, so you can choose what your shiny new electric car sounds like and this symphony is then delivered via a speaker system where the tail pipe would have been:-)

      4 years ago
  • It looks great but we need to go back. Imagine how great it would be if it had that body and a big v12.

      4 years ago
  • Most cars nowadays pump fake noise anyway so do the same

      4 years ago
  • This car is in the TOP 10 fastest cars on the Nurburgring.


      4 years ago