Jamie B Mk2 1.8T

Ibiza Cupra Powered Track Weapon

4y ago

If fuel ran through your veins as a young lad, or lass, you may remember on your walk to school or journey to the shops with the parents one car, whatever it may be, sitting on someone's drive or in there garden. Its not one that actually runs, usually covered with tarp and has flat tyres. But you know what that car is, and it gives you a spark inside. The car sits there for years as it is, looking sorry for itself. As a young petrolhead you yearn to own this car one day when your old enough to drive. you hear the occasional story of people actually knocking on the doors of such houses asking to buy said vehicle, some get lucky. This is one of those stories.
Jamie in his late teens had decided that a Mrk2 Golf was the way forward. Mainly because a friend new them inside out and could teach him how to spanner these German hot hatches. A great retro look, many interchangeable parts and an iconic status don't go amiss either. Knocking on the door of a local old ladies house was the next step. She had owned "Albert" for a long time but due to ill health had been unable to drive her little retro hatch. Three years down the line in the hope she would be able to drive again it was still sat looking sad on the drive. In short she agreed to sell Jamie the car on two grounds. Firstly to look after it. And secondly to always call the car "Albert" referring to its plate VNA (Victoria&Albert). So at £200 the affair between Jamie and Albert begins.

We are now eight years down the line and with help from a few friends and his own spanner work the old Golf has had the original 1.6 carb lump, a 1.8 lump holding GTi cam and twin choke carb, and finally as it sits, a 20v Cupra Turbo lump. Not just the Lump either, the sub frame, gearbox, wiring loom and clocks all came with it to make sure that the dainty Mrk2 was going to take the extra ponies and work as it should without too much messing around. As a result, in just two weekends it was all up and running. Obviously you don't stop there. More power means some handling upgrades including coilovers, full polybush kit and up rated discs and pads. The car is very driver focused so all the interior is stripped, not even a dash and anything that can get in the way of a real driving experience has been deleted including ABS and TCS.

So how does the thing drive you ask. Well i haven't had the chance to drive it...yet. But I did sit in the passenger seat at a Slip&Grip Trackday at Llandow and I was pretty impressed. I have been lucky enough to passenger and drive a huge amount of cars but nothing makes me feel more connected to a car than a stripped interior and those harnesses pulling you in to a bucket seat. you really feel like your at one with the car.

The other thing I noticed is how well Jamie knows this car, as a driver in the eight years of ownership. It really shows as he accelerates out of the longer corners feathering the throttle, looking for that sweet spot between boost and traction. Its also obvious he drives the car hard as we hit the back chicane, with only a little braking, I swear every lap that little car was raising its tyres off the tarmac as he cuts across the raised kerbs lifting the car as it passes through.

Jamie runs the car as a daily but its very heavily fast road/track focused just the way we like it. Comfort and amenities give way to the need for speed. Chasing down skylines on track proves this mean little DUB can roll with the big boys. Equally at shows and meets the matte black and rust turns a few heads as the body sits on deep shiny Schmitz. Then the bonnets opened and people really start paying attention.

VW Golf Mrk2 Cupra 1.8T Spec:
- Seat Ibiza Cupra 20V 1.8T
- Remapped Ibiza ECU (mafless)
- Home made Side exit exhaust (de-cat)
- Custom FMIC
- Induction Kit
- Manual boost controller
- Uprated recirc valve
- Air con delete
- 200BHP @ 18PSI
- GAZ Coilovers
- Full Polybush kit
- Ibiza Cupra Subframe
- Mk3 GTi rear axle
- Ibiza Cupra Gearbox/Driveshafts
- Stage 1 VR6 clutch
- Lightened Flywheel
- Ibiza Cupra Callipers
- Uprated Discs & Pads
- ABS Delete
- Traction Control Delete
- Power Steering Delete
- Stripped Interior (no dash)
- Sparco Bucket Seats & Harnesses
- Cupra Clocks
- Small Retro Steering Wheel
- Boost Gauge
- Golf Ball Gearknob
- 16" by 8.5" All Round Schmitz TH-Lines
- GTi Front Bumper
- GTi Rear bumper
- GTi Arch Extensions

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