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Jamie Cullum will be releasing his first Christmas album this year!

"The Pianoman at Christmas" was recorded at Abbey Road studios earlier this year and will be released on 20th November!

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Pop-jazz crossover artist Jamie Cullum has done many things. His music has fused everything from traditional jazz to pop to funk to hip-hop to wild experimentalism. There is one thing he hasn't done before though and that is a Christmas album. Well, he's managed to create one of those too this year! Titled "The Pianoman at Christmas", the album was recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studios earlier this year and will be released on 20th November through Island Records.

Why a Christmas album and why now? Well, according to the lengthy social media post by Cullum above, his wife Sophie Dahl (who features in the album's artwork) has been pestering him to make one for years! He had already started compiling ideas for it but when lockdown hit and he wasn't able to tour, the ideas he had in his head really started coming to life. "I was in shorts and flip-flops, at the piano, having negotiated a morning of shared homeschool, picking away at these songs one by one," he explained. "Sophie would pass by, in the in between of working on her own writing, listening, encouraging and throwing rhyming couplets my way like snowballs. These were truly beautiful moments."

The first single from the album "Turn On The Lights" is already out and you can listen to it below:

The album was produced by Greg Wells (known for his work with Adele and Dua Lipa as well as his work on the soundtrack of The Greatest Showman). It consists entirely of original songs (fairly unusual for a festive album!) and features a 57-piece big band on every song!

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