Japan has the best car culture?

4w ago


Is this statement true? What's your favourite aspect of the Japanese car culture?

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  • Yes. I can’t think of a better culture.

      29 days ago
  • People try to argue their own country. As a man of US car culture I can fully agree that Japan has, BY FAR, not just the coolest but also the most creative. I have seen some pictures from Japan of vehicles that really stretched the boundaries. I can appreciate that aspect. But there is also the other parts to the culture in Japan that are equally as impressive. Just the automotive industry in general is amazing.

    The US tries but with the 25 year chicken tax law we cannot get many of the amazing cars the world has to offer. That is a killer not that car culture isn’t a way of life for most here. You cannot exist in this country without a car. Sure public transportation exists but only in major cities. There are many miles of road here and they all get used.

    Aussies are just plain unhinged and I LOVE IT. We smoke cannabis. Aussies smoke rubber!! Japanese just make cool cars. 👍👍

      29 days ago
  • Honda NSX MK1

      21 days ago
  • True! My fav is the drifting lolz

      21 days ago
  • In my opinion the USA has had the best car culture ever. Currently Japan has in my opinion the best car culture. I just love Japan's idgaf attitude to car building. They just build whatever they want out of whatever car they want and it's brilliant. Here in west car culture seems more toxic with people being ''that's not JDM'' and ''You're giving (insert car here) a bad name with your ricey car'' or something like that and because of that the current car culture here in west is so boring. In Japan tho, it's amazing because they don't simply care about other people's opinion.

      26 days ago