Japanese Car auctions: A quick look at the fun stuff of USS-Nagoya

Japanese car auctions are known around the world to be an alibaba cavern for all car geeks. Luckily, I get to spend time there regularly, most specifically at USS Nagoya. This time I brought my camera along to share with you the cars you may encounter during a 15 minutes walk in the never ending parking garages of these auctions. Enjoy!

Abandonned hashirya cars. These will sell for very, very cheap.

Mitsubishi Jeep

That '72 Corvette is a manual!

Mitsubishi Minica. My friendd will probably buy this one, so chances are that you'll read about it again at some point.

That Daimler felt HUGE.

Ok it's pink but the color of the bumper is actually matching the rest of the car. A unicorn among 180SX!

Evo replica. It's actually an 8 valves

Wrangler Mindfuck-edition

I heard you guys liked wagons so...

Yup, you can find ANYTHING at japanese auctions!

I wasn't driving on the way back home, so I had time to play with the camera...

It's just a very small sample of the cool stuff you can find in there... I'll try and go back for a longer photoshoot later... Hope you enjoyed it nonetheless!

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