While you may be preparing gifts on Christmas Eve, I woke up at 5:30am to go to a Toyota AE86 track day. Since I took a lot of pictures and videos, I will need time to sort everything out, but I cannot wait to share it with you guys, so here is a sneak peek!

Waking up at 5:30 means I get to take shots such as this. Kind of gives me tofu delivery vibes.

My friend's AE86. Quite jealous a kid his age got such a nice 86.

Then again, I spent all my "86 money" on university, so hope that pays off one day.

On our way to the meet, we met up with my friend's friend (who has two of these awesome cars btw).

Eurobeat intensifies*

Once at the Honda Safety & Racing, HSR circuit, all the 86's got together for a bit of tracking.

What's more, this incredibly rare AE86 was there to help lead a group. Be excited for more pictures of this rare beast.

Another car for you guys to look forward to. A 60% carbon fibre AE86 Corolla Levin! The specs on this thing is amazing.

Most of what I took on the track were videos, so while I finish editing the videos together, please enjoy these few pictures.

This is perhaps my best shot on the track yesterday.

After a long day at the track, it is time for these 86's, to go home.

With that, I conclude this sneak preview of the most Initial D, most tofu driven (haha, get it?) day of my life. So please enjoy these few pictures while I finish the video and sorting out the rest of my pictures.

Do you want to see the rest? What do you think of these shots here? Comment your thoughts down below, and as always thanks for reading (and putting up with my occasional puns). I cannot wait to finish the video and share it with you guys!

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