Japanese Carventure Sneakpeek: Happy New Year from GLION!

25w ago


Spending the end of 2018 and 平成 (Heisei) era of Japan in the Kansai region meant I got to visit some great places such as Osaka Castle and the Inarii Shrine. However, I am sure you, my petrolhead friends, are more interested in the cars of the area.

Well if you are in Osaka, you MUST visit GLION. Long story short (I will do a full post of this place once I get settled), GLION is a large car dealership, specializing in classics and foreign cars in Japan. Due to its large collection size, GLION also puts its cars on display at its museum such as...

this lovely first generation Chevrolet Bel Air, this...

first generation Bluebird, ...

rare Vanden Plas Princess 4 Litre R, and

just a couple of classic Skyline GT-R's. If you think that these are amazing, this is just the admission free, dealership showroom. If you want to really see some history, you can go inside the museum proper for a small fee of ¥1,300 (if I remember correctly) and enjoy one of the loveliest collections of cars I have seen. I will continue hyping this up with these sneak peeks.

As you walk through the door, you are greeted by this lovely. Any guesses what this is?

This rare car is also an incredibly lovely one. Again, post your guesses as to what car this is in the comments!

Now I am sure you can figure out what car this is. I am not the best at F1 cars, so someone will have to tell me more in the comments.

This museum is full of many incredibly rare cars including this lovely and rare German beauty. Any guesses?

I am actually quite proud of this picture. Another incredibly rare car. I had many first spots here at GLION.

Along with a lot of other cars that I have longed to see, I was finally able to cross off another car from my Spotting Bucket List. Pretty obvious what this one is.

A dinosaur amongst classics. These are surprisingly popular here in Japan so I am sure it will be sold soon enough.

Another rare classic. Unfortunately for potential buyers, this one is not for sale.

If you are a fan of British luxury, rest assure that you will drool as there is a whole row of classic Rolls here at GLION as well.

How many people know what this little oddity is? A car with an interesting lineage and definitely the odd one out in the BMW lineup.

For those that are fans of Japanese classics, rest assured that you have an entire room dedicated to you.

Including classic Japanese cars you may have never heard of. All in all, this was a wonderful place for a petrolhead, and even the car park is interesting.

A wonderful place and a must-go if you are here in the Kansai area, since GLION is also a car dealership, its exhibits change regularly, so it is definitely a place you need to visit more than once!

Now I hope I sparked your interest, and I hope to have a full post on this in the near future! (If you have been keeping up with my Japanese Carventures, you may see that I have a lot of sneak peeks that I need to finish, so sorry for any inconveniences). Which one of these cars are you excited to see more coverage of? Comment your thoughts and answers to the few questions above down below, and as always, thanks for reading!

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