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To pick up from last time, I stumbled upon more wagons.

Being from the US, I am not familiar with this vehicle type, so can anyone tell me what make and model this is?

I do not recall seeing any badges on this car aside from that "S" in the front.

Next, we have a Z31 Datsun. Produced from 1983 to 1989, the Z31 is in my opinion the last of the original Datsun Z series. Although many would disagree and say that the Z31 is the first departure from the original Z.

However, I think the Z31 still embodies at least a little bit of that original Fairlady Z spirit. (Mostly due to the shape). While most people overseas know of the 300ZX version of the "new" Fairladay ZX, this particular example is a Japanese Market exclusive 200ZR.

While all other Z31 variants utilized a V6 engine in one form or another, the 200ZR was the only one to feature an inline six RB20DET turbocharged engine producing 180bhp. Although slightly down on power from the 222bhp VG30DET engine used in most export 300ZX models, the usage of an inline six in the 200ZR meant there is more room for tuning, making it quite popular amongst tuners.

Next to the compact Z31 Datsun, we have its enormous cousin, the Nissan 330 Cedric SGL-E (fuel-injection). Sold alongside the Gloria, the Cedric was one class below the President and is a gigantic monster of a car.

Sticking with the general "Coke bottle" design of its predecessor, this particular 330 is a rare pillarless four door sedan body style of the 330.

Although the Cedric and Gloria are meant for a higher class of people, the classic Cedrics just remind me so much of a 70's gangster car. Which in my mind, makes it even cooler to me.

I wanted this to be next to the Z31, but here we have an S130 Datsun Fairlady ZX, otherwise known as the 280ZX.

Utilizing the L28 engine, the inline six used in the S130 is actually "less powerful" than the engine used in the S30 Fairlady Z's. This is due to two different reasons. One is due to Nissan's adoption of the SAE net power output measurement, resulting in a lower power rating than the old gross output rating of the L24.

Another reason for a "lower power output" is due to Nissan's new focus on fuel economy due to the oil crisis.

A very Nissan day today. Here, we have the sister of the Cedric, the Nissan Y30 Gloria. Practically the same car as the Cedric, aside from a more feminine name, the Gloria was another car that gives off a gangster vibe. This particular example also appears to have its original registration judging from its number plate.

The Y30 generation also marked the transition from using an inline six engine to the VG30 V6 used by the Z31.

Now we have perhaps the most famous Datsun, the S30 Fairlady Z. A car that requires no introduction, this example is perhaps the prettiest one I have ever seen.

I mean look at how good and elegant this looks. Those riveted wheel arches also provide a subtle, but yet more aggressive look. This is a really good angle to view the car as well, giving it an almost European vibe to it.

The Z car itself is not just all looks, as the base (280Z) produced 170bhp from its L24 engine all the way back in the 70's. In fact, the Z car is still quite a competitive car today.

The Lotus Super 7 is an incredibly popular car here in Japan, so as you can imagine, a lot of Japanese petrolheads buy Super 7 replicas.

By far, the most popular Super 7 kits in Japan are the ones from Caterham.

Since every other car on this list today is a Nissan/Datsun, I would like to end today's post with these Caterhams.

Which one was your favorite? Comment your thoughts down below, and as always, thanks for reading!

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