First up we have another Isuzu 117. If you have read the previous chapters of my event coverage, you will have noticed that there were quite a few of these at the show.

Designed by Giugiario, this car did not just have the looks, it also had guts with a 120bhp inline 4 engine under the bonnet.

That may not seem impressive today, but back in 1968, 122bhp in a family coupe was not too shabby. Remember, the 1974 Golf Mk1 GTI had even less power at 110bhp. (Although the Golf is around 150kg lighter).

Regardless of power, its great looks by itself is enough to make me love it.

Now here is something I did not expect to see in Southern Japan, a Cobra 427!

I wonder how much the tax is to run one of these here in Japan, especially accounting for its age and high output. (Japan may be heaven for choice of cars and for us carspotters, but the taxes here are ridiculous).

Look at all these Type I VW's, more commonly known as the Beetle. Bonus Type II in the back as well.

This particular one is my favorite out of the bunch is this 1955 Beetle.

Out of all the Beetles, these oval windows are definitely the coolest. The rear just looks so much sleeker.

Now we have two Beck 550 Porsches. Although I did not meet the owner yet at that time, I recently met him at my friend's VW/Porsche specialist shop and got a ride in that beautiful machine. Boy oh boy was it amazing. (Video of that to come some time later).

Now let's shift focus to the black 550. Built out of fibreglass, the Beck 550 is the closest thing one can get to a real Porsche 550 Spyder, and with only 90 of those ever made, chances are you will not be able to buy one even if you have the money.

Despite being a replica, these are made with incredible attention to detail and are almost impossible to tell apart from the real deal. That is aside from a few modern upgrades and a fibreglass body.

This is the first time I have ever seen one of these in a color other than silver, and boy does this black and red combo work well.

Here we have an absolutely beautiful Type 14 VW, also known as a Karmann Ghia. Styled by Italians on the innards of a Beetle, the Ghia was one of the best selling VW's.

This example was incredibly well kept and the white walls match the green paintwork incredibly well.

If you are kept up with my Japanese Carventures, you can see that this Speedster is the same replica Speedster I saw in part 14 of my regular Carventures.

Now we have a car that is not yet a classic, but I'm sure it will be one soon enough.

Although the Ferrari 360 is not my favorite Ferrari, it still has a sort of attractiveness to it.

Introduced in 1999, the Modena featured a 400bhp V8 and a top speed of 175mph. While the price of the Challenge Stradale is still pretty steep, a regular, low mileage example is an incredibly great deal at only around $75,000. Discounting maintenance fees. the 360 is definitely a nice entry level supercar.

With that, I conclude part 8 of the Sakura Noen Old Classic Car Festival coverage. More to come next week! Which one was your favorite? Comment your thoughts down below and as always thanks for reading!

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